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"Last May and June, I had a series of Ayurvedic treatments with Pauline including back, neck, head and full body massage. It has greatly helped me to get back on my feet after a long winter. I felt much more relaxed and I have gained a boost of energy..."


"A superb "trip to India", very enjoyable, very relaxing massage.

Your small and soft hands are working their magic..."


"I cannot express in words how truly elated I am to have met you. Your positive energy and your unique perspective in life is something I truly admire." 


"I don't know where to start. I had a first reiki experience with another practitioner and it was great. But great is not what I will say for the experience with Pauline. It was extraordinary, the experience is inexplicable. I felt a wonderful connection with her. She is caring and will take the time to listen to you before and after the session. She is a wonderful professional who will give you a real meaningful feedback (so important in Reiki trust me). I will advise you to book a session with her and to have you own wonderful experience. "



"Milles merci pour tous les conseils et soutien. Je recommande vivement Pauline est tres a l'ecoute des besoins et apporte un vrai soutien pour retrouver son chemin avec des soins et des produits d'excellente qualite."


Journaling is something that I've been meaning to take on but when it came down to it I never really knew what to write or where to start and a lot of the time I was worried in advance that I'd just been writing about the same thing over and over. These journaling sessions have helped me to overcome that and I've learned that there's so many various styles of journaling that you can log and that there isn't a wrong answer. This program really has given me the confidence to step a bit out of my comfort zone and flourish whilst doing so and I step out of these sessions knowing a bit more of my worth every week.


"I found the sound meditation group very good and helpful technique on how to manage anxiety and stress by realising the tension through sound vibration and breathing techniques. I was very happy with the experience I had from the group and sharing it with others having their experience. I would recommend this group to others."


I'd like to thank you for the yoga class. Since I've been doing the yoga, my feet, legs and knees have got a lot better.


"I really enjoyed the sound healing therapy, it was relaxing and it gave me peace of mind." 


Pauline's journalling group has helped me to manage when I am feeling overwhelmed by helping me to find a healthy way to express myself and my emotions. The different styles of journalling Pauline has taught me has helped me to engage in positive self-talk, overcome obstacles, identify negative thoughts and behaviours, and prioritise tasks and responsibilities. Pauline's knowledge, warmth and openness has made me feel comfortable and confident attending her groups.


"The sound healing group offers a unique experience and excellent opportunity to engage in relaxation. Pauline provide a safe space and her profound knowledge of the topic has put me at ease during these sessions. I have particularly enjoyed chanting, which I had never tried before these groups."


"You are a Beacon of Sunshine"


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